Alabaré To Work In Partnership With The Merchant Navy Welfare Board

Merchant seafarers

We are delighted to have join the Merchant Navy Welfare Board as a constituent member.

For over 70 years the Merchant Navy Welfare Board (MNWB) has helped the UK maritime charity sector support the welfare of serving and retired seafarers, fishers and their families. The MNWB, also known as ‘The Board’, is a unique, secular and financially self-sufficient maritime charity that acts as the umbrella charity for the UK Merchant Navy & Fishing Fleets.

“We exist to support the provision of quality welfare services to seafarers and their dependants,” states Peter Tomlin MBE, Chief Executive. He added, “MNWB is always on the lookout for good welfare organisations that can support our beneficiaries in times of need.  We are therefore extremely pleased to welcome Alabaré as a constituent member organisation and look forward to working closely together in the future.”

The Board uses its grant-making, project management and people skills to support the sector in its ongoing battle against the effects of Covid-19.  To ensure our seafarers and fishers are being represented and well looked after during this extremely challenging period, MNWB has invited Alabaré to join its Older Seafarers’ & Families Working Group, which involves several other accommodation providers.  MNWB has also invited Alabaré to join the monthly Covid-19 Seafarers’ Welfare Working Group that involves Government, Shipowners, Unions, Ports and maritime charities.

Our CEO Andrew Lord said;

“Alabaré  work in supporting the vulnerable and marginalised in our communities’ has meant we support Merchant Navy seafarers and their families. Our appointment to the Merchant Navy Welfare Board will ensure we can continue to support seafarers and respond to changing needs as we look to a post Covid future.”

MNWB Chairman Capt. Andrew Cassels stated;

“The Board is adamant that MNWB should continue to help set and maintain the highest possible standards of seafarers’ and fishers’ welfare.  We therefore feel that the partnership between Alabaré and MNWB has the potential to transform the quality of lives of seafarers and their families should they fall on hard times.”

The Board awards numerous grants to constituent organisations to enhance their welfare services and has created the Seafarer Support website to improve communications and outreach.  Alabaré is now an integral part of this unique online search facility that guides any person looking for assistance from the sector directly to the maritime charity/ies best suited to help in times of need.

Raising standards is underpinned by quality training and MNWB has just launched a new training programme that currently involves 6 Constituent organisations with over 260 completed online courses.  Alabaré is welcome to join the training programme, attend MNWB conferences and, where appropriate, join its network of Port Welfare Committees around the country.

Like Alabaré, the Board continues to move from strength to strength.  Peter Tomlin states;

“While we continue our good work and have some excellent projects in the pipeline our success greatly depends on our excellent relations with organisations such as Alabaré and the important support services they provide our beneficiaries.”