A New Veterans Home For Gloucestershire

Press release

1st August 2013

New home for veterans in Gloucestershire

From this autumn, homeless Armed Forces veterans in Gloucestershire are to be given a new avenue of support thanks to the hard work of local fundraisers and South West charity Alabaré.  Alabaré are opening two houses in Gloucester later this year, which will provide accommodation for up to 8 veterans who have found themselves homeless or are at serious risk of becoming homeless.

Andrew Lord, Alabaré Chief Executive, says: “We have supported veterans through our homes and services for many years, but since 2009, have been working to open a series of homes across our region which provide specialist support for veterans who have fallen on hard times.  We have seen how the transition to civilian life doesn’t always run smoothly, and sometimes breakdown of marriages, loss of jobs, or even depression or PTSD, can lead someone to become homeless, often several years after leaving the Forces.  Our homes provide a roof over their head, whilst our team can support them to overcome the issues that lead to them becoming homeless in the first place.”

Opening the homes has been made possible thanks to the dedication of an active group of local supporters, who include the Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, Dame Janet Trotter DBE, the Mayor of Gloucester, Councillor Chris Chatterton and representatives from The Rifles.  The group is headed up by Brigadier Simon Firth CBE, himself an ex-Gloster.

Brigadier Firth says: “The very nature of Forces life means that people are fed, accommodated and bills are paid – it’s a very structured, disciplined life, which is why our Armed Forces are so outstanding.  It can also mean that some people struggle when faced with the uncertainties of civvy street.  Veterans can sometimes get stuck in a downward spiral and end up living in chaos.  I really do welcome these homes which will do much to help ex soldiers from my Regiment.”

By giving veterans a safe place to live, in a house where all the residents have a shared history, each person can concentrate on moving forward in their life without feeling they are being judged.  The Alabaré teams are experienced in helping people overcome all kinds of crises and can help them gain the skills and confidence they need to move on to their own accommodation, work or training.  Residents will also have the bonus of a support network which they can turn to for advice in the future.

Alabaré plan to open their Gloucestershire Homes for Veterans this November.  The scheme will cost £60,000 a year to run.  If you or your company would like to support veterans in your community to get back on their feet, please call Alabaré on 01722 322882 or visit the website: www.alabare.co.uk

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