30 Years, 30 Voices Launched

30 Years, 30 Voices Launched

This April Alabaré has much to rejoice about as we celebrate 30 years of transforming the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our communities.

The charity, founded by local husband and wife team John and Alicia Proctor together with the Wiltshire based Alabaré Christian Community, has grown from humble roots, supporting one homeless man in their own home, to a charity with an annual turnover of nearly £10million, with 500 dedicated staff and volunteers.  Their services include supported accommodation for homeless people and drop-in centres in Salisbury and Chippenham, accommodation and support for young people and those leaving care, training and development centres in Barford and Old Sarum, supported living homes for adults with learning difficulties and dedicated homes across the South West of England and into Wales for Veterans who have struggled in adapting back into their civilian lives. 

Speaking about the landmark year Alabaré is celebrating, John, says

“When we founded Alabaré all those years ago, we never dreamt that it would have expanded at such a rapid and indeed successful rate.  The heart of our mission was to enable the most vulnerable in our society to live an independent and fulfilled life – even if that was just one person.

“Now, I’m proud to say that with the dedicated support of an incredible staff and an army of selfless volunteers, we are helping many hundreds of people every year.”

The charity also has bold plans for the future across a number of its services, Andrew Lord, Chief Executive of the charity proudly says, 

“Every day we achieve so much as a charity, but we all want and indeed need to do more, to reach those in need and help them rebuild their lives. 30 years is an incredible milestone for us as a charity, but even more so every day I am humbled by the personal milestones that our clients and residents achieve, striving to reach their goals and develop their lives.  It is vital we are there when they need us.


We can only do so with the help of our fantastic supporters and our partners and funders, and we are so grateful to each and every one of them.


With the pandemic having taken a further toll on the mental health of many, we are pleased to be opening a new home in Chippenham this summer which will offer dedicated support to those needing short-term help as they recover from a period of mental ill-health.  This service will provide a missing link for many whose lives can be improved with respite accommodation and support to enable them to get their mental health back on track.


We are also planning more Veteran self-build projects this year, with our next scheme in Plymouth due to break ground in the next couple of months.  This gives Armed Forces Veterans who have become homeless a chance to build a home for themselves and their loved ones to live in. This not only provides a roof over their head but allows them to develop new skills which may lead to building trade employment and most importantly rebuilds their self-belief once more.”

To mark the anniversary, the Alabaré team are drawing together 30 stories from those who crossed paths with the charity over its 30 years, including past service users and many others who have journeyed with them during these years.  The series of stories, 30 Years, 30 Voices will be shared through Alabaré’s social media and website each month and you are invited to join us in learning more about the journeys they have faced. 

To every contributor, supporter, ambassador, donor we thank you for your contribution and your efforts over the years, we could certainly not have done it without your incredible support. Learn more about 30 Years, 30 Voices here.