Homes not Streets - background information

In the 2015 spending review, The Government announced that it was going to cap the amount of Housing Benefit available to people in supported housing at the same level of rent set in the Local Housing Allowance. This is the amount of benefit people are entitled to cover their cost of renting in the private sector. On the face of it, this does not seem unfair. However, the LHA does not take into account the special needs that tenants in supported housing have.

We are pleased that so many MPs from all parties have spoken out in support of the NHF’s campaign and in favour of supported housing. We also welcome the comments from the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions when he told Parliament that he “absolutely understood” both the concerns of the voluntary sector and the higher cost of social housing.

Nevertheless, providing essential services for vulnerable people requires long-term planning. At present while we remain optimistic that the Government will address the issue, it is essential that it does so in such a way that ensures the financial sustainability of supported housing and allows us to feel confident that the safety net we provide for our service users remains intact.

The Government recognises this now, but we still have no idea how these services will be funded. Meanwhile demand for supported housing is rising, homelessness is rising and charities like us are having to put projects on hold because we have no idea whether or how they will be funded.

NHF Starts at Home campaign logoAlabaré is supportingthe National Housing Federation’s (NHF) Starts at Home campaign.

We are inviting MPs from across our region to visit our homes to see for themselves the value of our work and meet the many people who we work with.