FAQ - Sponsor a Room

Sponsor a room and receive:

You will initially receive an Alabaré Tote Bag containing a welcome pack for your chosen service which provides more information about how your gift is making a difference and a poster which you can proudly display somewhere, should you wish. We will also update you regularly on how your support is changing the lives of homeless people in our care.

What is sponsoring a room and why does it cost £12 a month?

Sponsor a room is a £12 a month regular donation to one of Alabaré’s services. Your £12 a month sponsorship helps fund the support given to homeless and vulnerable people in our care in order for them to gain independence and gain employment and move into their own accommodation. 

Your money could be used to fund a variety of different things including; training (such as budgeting and finance courses), life essentials (such as toiletries and bedding) or support costs (the support Alabaré staff provide to our service users).

The total cost of providing a room, support and training to those in our care is more than £12 a month which is why we need a community of valued supporters working together to support those in need. We ask for £12 a month as this will really make a huge difference to the people in our homes.

Are the stories you use real?

Yes. By sponsoring a room you are helping real homeless people who are living within the Alabaré service of your choice. As a care provider, we need to protect identities by changing names and sometimes by using models. However all their stories are genuine.

Where is my room?

Your monthly gifts aren’t limited to an individual room. Your gift will be restricted to providing support in the Alabaré service of your choice. For example, if you sponsor a Parent & Baby room - your gift will be used to exclusively provide support to parents and babies in our care.

How long do people stay in the room?

On average, our clients stay with us for two years. Our aim is to ensure homeless people move on into independent accommodation within the two years, which then allows someone else in need to take their place. 

Can I visit an Alabaré home of my choice?

We don’t open the doors to our services to visitors because our first priority is to protect our clients and we respect the fact that it is their home. But we do invite supporters to events where you can hear our clients and staff talk about the difference your support makes. If you are interested in getting a closer look into the work of Alabaré please contact us on 01722 344484.

What happens if I cannot continue my Room Sponsorship?

You can cancel your standing order at any time of your choice. If your circumstances change and you can no longer continue as a Room Sponsor, we would be grateful if you could call our supporter care team on 01722 344484 to let us know. And don't worry, there are other ways to support us to help homeless people. Likewise, you can reinstate your Room Sponsorship at any time.