No one should be homeless at Christmas.

Alabare Salisbury Wiltshire Homeless Charity Christmas Donate

This Christmas, thousands of people will be without a home. At Alabaré we provide accommodation, care and support to hundreds of homeless and vulnerable people every day. Please donate todayand help homeless and vulnerable people in need.

We support people like Gemma, who ran away from home at just 17 after suffering abuse from her stepfather:

“Sometimes I just slept on friends’ sofas; mainly I slept anywhere I could. I didn’t care what happened. I was scared all the time, but I didn’t admit it.”

Starved of love and care, Gemma met an older man, who quickly became her boyfriend. She moved in with him, and soon after found out she was pregnant.

“His reaction was ok at first, but he became jealous and turned physical; he wrecked the flat.”

“I didn’t know what to do. The thought of going back on the streets was more than I could bear, so I stayed. When Ellie was born I was able to look after her ok but he was so rough and I was scared. So we left. I felt so alone, I didn’t know what to do. Being homeless was the worst thing ever. A friend told me to speak to the Council and they told me about Alabaré.”

“Sue met us at the door. I knew we would be safe here. We have a lovely room, and I’m learning everything I need to be able to manage our journey ahead. It’s so wonderful to know that someone cares, and that Ellie and I have a future at last.”

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Alabare Christmas Campaign Help Donate Homeless Charity Salisbury Wiltshire

Nationally, homelessness is still increasing with a 134% rise in rough sleepers between 2010 and 2017*. This simply isn’t ok. Tonight, we know that there will be vulnerable young people like Gemma sleeping on our streets.

We can help others like Gemma say goodbye to the fear and devastation of their past, but we need your help today.

At this special time of year, please donate today and help people like Gemma off the streets for good.

*Statistic Department for Communities and Local Government 2017