Christmas Appeal

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This Christmas, many people in our local communities will be without a home. At Alabaré we provide accommodation, care and support to hundreds of homeless and vulnerable people every day. Please donate today and help homeless and vulnerable people in need.

Andrew Lord, Chief Executive of Alabaré says;

“Christmas is a time of year where many will be enjoying their home comforts and spending time alongside family and friends. However the reality for those that Alabaré help can be very different – having a troubled past and uncertain future. We want to make sure that we are there for those who need our care and support”.

Last year Alabaré supported a total of 1950 homeless and vulnerable people, providing them not only with accommodation but the help, guidance and advice they need to once again be able to live an independent and fulfilling life.

Luke was a family man.  He worked hard, and lived a comfortable life with his partner and young daughter.  Life took an abrupt, and tragic turn when during an argument Luke’s partner revealed that he was not the father of their daughter.

He struggled to come to terms with the news and hit rock bottom. Luke left the family home and began sleeping on the streets as he tried to escape from the reality of the situation.  He lost his job and sank deeper into depression.

Life on the streets was extremely tough for Luke but he found companionship with Lenny, a stray dog he adopted as his own. He found Lenny whilst he was sleeping on a bench on the outskirts of town one night and they quickly formed a close bond.

Luke and Lenny came to Alabaré’s Drop In Centre during bad weather, desperate for some warm food and shelter.  Our team were able to help Luke secure a room in one of our homes, one that would have space for Lenny as well. We welcomed Luke and Lenny and helped them settle in to their new home.  Luke was still suffering from anxiety and depression, but it was clear that having Lenny there made life easier for him.

Luke and Lenny have been living with us for nearly a year now and have made the most of the time and support they have had. Luke has taken part in our tenancy training and we have arranged specialist mental health support for him.  He has begun volunteering for a local delivery company and has recently received the wonderful news that he has secured a council flat for Lenny and him. They will share this Christmas in their new warm, safe and comfortable home, and look forward to a bright future together.

“I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me. They brought me and Len in and offered us hope for a new future. The support I have received from Alabaré has been great and there is always someone there for you.”