The BIG Leap Skydive

The BIG Leap Skydive

15 Oct 2022

A tandem skydive is the ultimate adrenaline rush. When you jump out of a plane at 10-15,000 feet and freefall at 125mph it is an experience like nothing else on earth. Beyond exhilarating, it defies description - the only way to understand it- is to do it!

So why not get that skydive ticked off your bucket list - and sign up to skydive for Alabaré this autumn.  Join our like-minded group of charity skydivers for an incredible day on Saturday 15th October. 

And don't forget your work colleagues - why not get the whole team to sign up - there can be no bigger or better team-building event!

By taking part in The BIG Leap you will be helping to change the lives of our homeless and vulnerable clients. We ask that when you sign up you commit to raising at least £395 which will pay for your jump and the vital funds we need to provide life-changing support.

Please complete our form below to reserve your place today.  

Date and Times

Saturday 15th October 2022, 08:00 – 18:30


Old Sarum Park 
Old Sarum

Event Enquiries

Please email Hannah Abbey for more information at 

Important please note:

  1. All Participants will need to self certify medical form 115A, if you have any of the conditions listed you MUST get a doctors certificate on form 115B. Please review this before signing up.
  2. All participants must pay a £50 reservation fee and raise a minimum of £345 in sponsorship for Alabaré.
  3. For full terms and conditions please go to