Namibia: The Ultimate Adventure Trek

Namibia: The Ultimate Adventure Trek

22 May 2020 - 05 Jun 2020

Namibia - the ultimate adventure trek, is a once in a life time trip to experience an extraordinary country. 

This 130 mile, 13 day long trek will take you across deserts, mountains and gorges. Experience spectacular National Parks, ancient watering holes and meet local tribes.

This exclusive trek will be lead by Ken Hames MBE for our Homes for Veterans service, raising funds for British Armed Forces Veterans who are homeless.

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Tickets are extremely limited and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. All participants will be expected to raise a minimum of £5,500 for Alabaré.

  • Evening arrive at London Heathrow - Fly to Windhoek via Johannesberg.
  • Day 1 – arrive and drive north. Arrive Windhoek and pick up wagons then drive to Kamanjab and the amazing ‘Film House’ Base Camp to rest and prepare.
  • Day 2 – meet the tribes.   Meet the local Himbas (Himba tribe) and their bush ‘orphanage’. This is for Himba children and women who have luckily been rescued.  They love visitors and may be up for a challenge or two.  At lunchtime we move into the bush to make our first camp and have a couple of hours acclimatization walk. (10 km)
  • Day 3 - trek. We walk down the Ombonde dry river bed on the lookout for the 3 brothers; bull elephants that make this place their home. After about 6/7 hours we stop for the night at the famous waterfall camp in the Khowarib gorge home to eagles and soaring cliffs. (25 km)
  • Day 4 – trek.  We leave the spectacular Khowarib gorge behind, resupply with water and enter the Hoanib river system famous for the desert elephant and desert giraffe – we camp about half way down (25 km)
  • Day 5 – trek.  We walk the Hoanib Dry River Bed to Amspoort home to desert elephants, follow it to the dunes and look at ancient settlements left by ancient bush men. (25 km)
  • Day 6 – trek. Walk to the enormous landmark of 742 over two days over shifting dunes and mountainous country with the elephants and giraffe around you. (25 km)
  • Day 7 – trek.  Walk to the ancient water hole of Onkongwe where lions, leopard and elephant gravitate to on their route across the wilderness.  We camp on high ground and stalk out the waterhole with night viewing aids to watch the wildlife coming to water (25 km)  
  • Day 8 - trek. We walk through the spectacular rock portal to the high ground above our penultimate objective the Hoarisib Gorge.  This high camp is used by rhino on their way to the river for water. (20 km)
  • Day 9 – trek.  We walk down to the gorge (15km) and into the flood plain, which is one of the remotest places on earth. We will then head east to small settlement of Purros.
  • Day 10/11 - trek   We explore Purros  for 2 days through gorges and mountain tops then move out of the area for our final 5 km walk – a secret route but highly memorable. (5 km)
  • Day 12 - We then return to the film house and base camp for tea, beer, wine, good food and medals.
  • Day 13 – depart for UK

Ken served for 16 years in the SAS and his love for the great outdoors has taken him from jungle to desert. His first TV show was 'The Trek' back in 1994. With the help of Princess Diana, he took 12 disadvantaged youngsters to the heart of Africa on a 500-mile journey over desert and mountainous terrain. Diana described Hames as "the master practitioner in the field of training and development". Since then Ken has created and fronted adventure programmes for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, CBBC, SKY and the Discovery Channel.

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