Sponsor a Room

Sponsoring a Room in one of Alabaré’s homes is an excellent way for a church to build a relationship with a specific project. It might be near you geographically or it might be a strand of our work that you feel particularly strongly about.

With Alabaré’s Sponsor a Room initiative, a donation of just £150 will enable your church to choose a particular project to support for a year, providing not only accommodation and support to homeless and vulnerable people, but also training and life skills

  • By sponsoring a room in Alabaré's homes for Homeless Adults you will be helping rough sleepers leave life on the streets behind. Your support will help provide accommodation and also provide access to training and advice so homeless people can live fulfilling, independent lives
  • By sponsoring a room in Alabaré's Young People’s homes you can give vulnerable young people aged 16 to 25, many of whom are just leaving the care system, a safe place to call home. Your support will also enable them to access training courses which will help them gain the skills needed to be able to move on into independent living.
  • By sponsoring a room in Alabaré's Parent and Baby Home you will be helping provide a warm and safe environment in which young parents can take care of their child and learn the skills needed to provide a life for their new family
  • By sponsoring a room in Alabaré's Homes for Veterans you can provide a safe environment for British ex-service men and women to call home. As many of the Veterans in our homes suffer from issues such as depression, PTSD, ill health, unemployment or relationship breakdown, your support will enable them to access the support that they need to regain their confidence and live an independent future

When you sign up to Sponsor a Room as a church, you will receive a framed picture which you can display, as well as prayer cards for the congregation to use. You will also receive six-monthly updates on the work that you are supporting.

To find out more about how to Sponsor a Room as a church, please email supportercare@alabare.co.uk