Alabaré Monthly Prayer Diary

The Alabaré Monthly Prayer Diary

Jesus said, ‘I have come to bring life, and life in all its fullness’.(John 10.10)

Please use the themes below in your daily corporate and private prayer:

Day 1: That all may move further towards a fulfilling life, letting go of the things that are burdensome and taking up the things that give life. That at Alabaré we may be a Christian sign of hope.

Day 2: For all involved with the Service for Young People Leaving Care, that we may provide the support they need as they move into adult life.

Day 3: For the Marketing Team, for their creativity in communicating the work of Alabaré to all.

Day 4: For all involved in the Learning Disabilities Service, that staff and clients may celebrate life with one another and be patient with one another.

Day 5: For all involved in the Homelessness Service, that practical support is given and received and that care is holistic and humane.

Day 6: For the people who are service users, that they may be courageous in shaping their life as they move towards increased independence.

Day 7: For all Volunteers, that they may feel as though they make a valued contribution, and that their learning is of use to their other networks as well as to themselves.

Day 8: For the Voluntary Chaplains, and that they may increase in number and be a listening and trusted presence in the homes that show the love of God.

Day 9: For all Trustees, for their work in their specialised field and collective contribution to strategy and decision making.

Day 10: For the Staff within Income Generation, that they may build relationships that lead to the generation of finance that progresses the work of Alabaré with people on the margins of society.

Day 11: : For all involved in the Homes for Veterans Service, that they may face and overcome the problems that have led to their becoming homeless.

Day 12: For Café Delicious that operates from Riverside House, for creative cooking, generous hospitality and the building of community.

Day 13: For the Staff and Volunteers within Central Services at Riverside House, for their expertise and valued contribution.

Day 14: For the Patrons as they commend  the work of Alabaré to people of influence.

Day 15: For the Ambassadors, in developing networks of support for Alabaré in their locality and specialist field.

Day 16: For the nurture of Spirituality across Alabaré, that the resources created by the Spirituality Working Group may be widely used.

Day 17: For the Operational Management Team as they share good practice, offer support to one another and to their teams.

Day 18: For the Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Lord, for holding the vision and wise decision making. For Andrew’s optimism, enthusiasm, and his courage to enable colleagues.

Day 19: For the Executive Management Team that collectively they may have robust conversations and transparently act with Care, Compassion, Generosity and Respect.

Day 20: For the Chair, John Proctor for wise oversight and maintaining contact with people throughout the charity.

Day 21: For all involved within the Emporium Shops, that they may be places of welcome, high quality goods and service. And that they may generate interest in the work of Alabaré and finance to support this work.

Day 22: For developing links with local churches that Alabaré may share in and help facilitate their mission in the locality, and benefit from their generous prayer, volunteering and financial support.

Day 23: For those currently being referred to Alabaré, for patience with process, courage with entering a new community, and the receipt of a warm welcome.

Day 24: For those moving on from Alabaré, that they may leave well and enter into a time of independence with courage and excitement.

Day 25: For local government officers who oversee allocation of budgets, that they may recognise the extent of local need and design realistic service provision with this in mind.

Day 26: For our partner organisations (eg Combat Stress, Trussell Trust, The Bridge, Street Pastors, RBL, Help for Heroes), that we may work well together for the sake of those whom we serve.

Day 27: For those experiencing poor mental health, that they will not hesitate to seek support and find it.

Day 28: For the Happy Monday Group, for healthy community, creative learning and the joy they bring to Riverside House.

Day 29: For a sense of shared working even in remote locations, that Alabaré increasingly becomes a well-networked charity.

Day 30: For our own local homes and services, those who live and work there.

Day 31: For the exercise of Care, Compassion, Generosity and Respect across Alabaré in all aspects of our life.