Life Conversations

Alabaré is a charity that has a Christian foundation which is expressed through inclusivity.  Recent research by Lemos and Crane ("Lost and Found") and the Royal Society of Arts ("Spiritalise") has helped  Alabaré craft a set of materials to enable people of Christian faith, of other faiths, or of no faith, to explore their lives. This tool box provides resouces for adaption by volunteers, key workers or chaplains to enable our service users to think about their life story and its spiritual aspect, should they wish to.

The tool box contains the following:

  • Encouraging self discovery through lifetime conversations
  • Encouraging self discovery through the spirituality touchstones
  • Encouraging self discovery through exploring faith together (in a church context)
  • Encouraging self discovery through creative reflection 

We have piloted Life Conversations with some of our Service Users and aspire to make this available to all.  At each home or service we will develop opportunities for service users to join in, either on a one to one basis or in a group.  Should the conversation result in someone wanting to nurture their spirituality through joining an acitivity group, for example a walking group, art class, choir or by going to church, then we would like to have a volunteer, staff member or chaplain there to support them in the new activity.