Creative Spirit

Many people find great fulfilment in using the skills they can learn in Creative Spirit, and they can share them with other people. Our Mission is to support people to find purpose, hope and meaning in their lives. In Creative Spirit we provide our clients with personal and professional support, and training in skills that we hope they will find purpose and meaning in using and that will be useful to them when they leave Alabaré.

Our Values that lie at the heart of our work are:

Care for service users, who are often vulnerable and marginalised 

Compassion for those in difficulty or in distress

Generosity in allowing people another chance

Respect for all, valuing each person, their experience, opinions and choices 

Over the past few years, we have changed the way we work with young people in Supported Housing. The new way has been highly effective and has added to the well-being of colleagues and young people. The purpose of Creative Spirit is to extend this learning to other Alabaré projects.

The heart of Creative Spirit is to encourage colleagues to use their skills, hobbies and creative abilities to develop activities that enable residents to learn new skills in an environment where they can talk about themselves in a relaxed way.

The aim of these activities is to produce something that is useful, something attractive or something good to eat, and crucially offer an opportunity for a change of outlook and a change in behaviour.

The young person has the satisfaction of having contributed to making something, a sense of achievement which raises self-esteem and confidence. In the process, they have learned or developed a skill that may be useful later. 

These activities build rapport between staff and residents, creating a safe space for the young person as well as a fun way of working for colleagues. Some young people are secure enough to be able to talk freely to their key workers. Others are not. Painful life experiences, perhaps abuse, bereavement or sudden trauma, can leave a person frozen. By using creativity it is possible to ease the way a young person feels.

Activities may include:

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Sewing and needlework
  • Decorating and painting
  • Singing and making music
  • Fishing or sailing