Shaping Alabaré

To provide you with the very best homes and services that we can, we need to get to know you and what kind of support works best for you.

Since our charity was founded in 1991, we have worked with thousands of people, each of whom will have had a different backgound, different needs and different goals.  From our experiences and successes and set backs that we have had and seen, we have been able to grow, change and develop our services to be the very best that we can make them today.  

And that's where we need your help....

While you are with us, we will work alongside you to develop a personalised support plan that is targeted at meeting your own goals and aspirations.  Each of us learns and progresses in different ways, and you will find some forms of support more useful to you than others.  Please let us know what's working for you - here's how you can tell us:

  • Speak to your key worker
  • Take part in reviews and sharing sessions
  • Fill out our exit questionnaires when you come to leave our home or service

If you enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the success of our charity, then you could also:

  • Take part in a forum, which could include debating key Alabaré principles and policies
  • Become an Ambassador for Alabaré and speak on behalf of us
  • Join one of our Committees and help us to shape our future support

These are just a few of the ways that you can support the development of Alabaré.

If you would like to find out more, please speak to a member of staff, or drop us a line