Our Greening Policy

The purpose of Greening Alabaré is to oversee the review, clarification and strengthening of sustainable practices within Alabaré’s community, homes and services.

We will:

1. Identify ongoing issues surrounding sustainability and introduce new methods or procedures to have greener homes, services and offices. 

2. Work with more community, council or national groups in events and projects surrounding sustainability.

3. Reduce cost and waste where possible, and use more sustainable products in our homes, services and offices.

4. Establish Greening as an integral part of the Alabaré ethos, and ensure all members of the Alabaré community are educated and aware of the Greening procedure and are able to contribute to its growth where possible.

5. To adhere to and take responsibility for Environmental Policy No.19: Affects all homes, services, departments and shops


Last updated: March 2022

 To find out more please give us a call on 01722 344483 or email p.philp@alabare.co.uk or s.mrozinski@alabare.co.uk