Stuart's Story

Stuart served in the Navy as a chef. He really enjoyed his time in the forces and even saw a tour of the Falklands.

After serving for 6 years, Stuart thought it was time to leave. He wanted to settle down. His first proper job away from the Navy was as an HGV driver but he lost this after being caught drinking on the job.  He went on to work at Bath University as a chef, which he loved. This is where he met his fiancé Sally; he was the happiest he had ever been. Until one day, Sally died suddenly. Stuart was devastated; the thought of life without Sally was unbearable and he suffered a breakdown. Stuart wanted the pain to go away permanently. He wanted to end his life. His drinking spiralled out of control.  

His best friend Wayne stepped in to help him. He give him the support and help he needed to move forward.  Until one day his life was about to change once again. While out on a fishing trip together Wayne became ill, collapsed and stopped breathing. Stuart immediately started to do CPR on his friend and continued until the ambulance arrived but it was no good, Wayne had died. He had suffered a fatal heart attack; there was nothing anyone could have done to help him. 

Stuart was on a downward spiral. In a matter of a few years, he had lost his fiancé and his best friend. He was left lost and empty. He wanted to hide away from the world and found himself living in a garden shed with a family of stray cats. He wanted to forget everything and once again used alcohol as a means to do this. After suffering a seizure Stuart found himself in hospital and was told that if he didn’t change he would soon be dead.  Luckily, Alabaré’s Homes for Veterans were there to offer him the lifeline he desperately needed. Stuart now lives in one of our Wiltshire Homes for Veterans where he has started to positively move on with his life.

“Alabaré have literally saved my life. I owe them so much. I am now looking forward to the future.”

*Names have been changed to protect identity

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