Making a gift in your Will

Every charity values legacies but for Alabaré, a bequest of any size can transform a project from hope to reality.

For over 25 years, our staff and volunteers at Alabaré have been providing care and support to vulnerable people.  Together we are transforming the lives of around 2,500 people a year.  A gift in your will to Alabaré will help secure our future and ensure that we will continue to be able to care for those who turn to us for help.

Alabaré is unique.  Founded by a handful of volunteers from a Christian community in Salisbury, we have grown in staff and dedicated volunteers to provide the best expert and professional social care to those in need in the South and West of England and throughout Wales.

A gift to Alabaré will mean that we can continue to be there and provide this unique mix of passion, dedication and professionalism. 

We help people in greatest need, often when they are in crisis.  We help them rebuild their lives and get them back on their feet.  It’s life saving work and although some of our day to day costs are met from fees that we are charge local authorities, we depend on voluntary donations to provide the quality and depth of care to transform lives and make a lasting change. We also depend on legacies, gifts and donations to refurbish and purchase new accommodation - we rely on the generosity of those who share our belief that every life is unique and our passion and commitment to those in greatest need. 

A legacy can make all the difference.

A £5,000 legacy meant that we could refurbish the kitchen at our teenage drop in centre.  It was transformed from being a place to grab a quick cup of coffee, to the heart of the Centre, where young people would hang around to chat to staff and to each other – and where they were able to learn cooking and household skills to become independent.

A legacy can make all the difference

A gift of nearly £300,000 enabled us to kick start our work in Bristol and purchase of our first home in the City.  Now our work there is so successful that we received national recognition and more recently received a special grant of £700,000 from the Government to help us provide a new dedicated home for veterans in the City.

A gift in your Will to Alabaré, will give hope to the lives of the most vulnerable people in our community – and the assurance that there will always be someone to whom they can turn for help into the future. 

There are also financial benefits of leaving a gift to Alabaré in your Will.  A gift to Alabaré, as a charity, is exempt from Inheritance Tax and could reduce the tax payable. Also those who leave 10% or more to charity benefit from a reduced rate of Inheritance Tax.

Our legacy pack has all the information you need if you are considering either making a will or adding to an existing one.  Please call Fundraising on 01722 466004 or email if you would like to receive one. If you would like to talk to someone in complete confidence about making a Will, please let us know and a member of our Fundraising Team will get in touch.