For over 25 years, we’ve been here for the vulnerable and homeless. We offer what they need most - a hot meal, a bed, a welcome and respite from the streets. But we also offer much, much more. We offer them a home.

This winter we are launching an appeal asking you to help us give a home & support to someone who could otherwise be sleeping on the streets.

If you are sleeping rough or know someone who is, please click here to find out more about how we can help.

Our winter appeal is helping to support people like Louise;

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Louise’s childhood was a living nightmare. Abused by her stepfather, Louise ran away many times looking for someone who would help her escape, sleeping anywhere she could. Numerous Christmases passed where Louise wished for the happy life she saw others enjoying. Finally, alone and exhausted, Louise found herself having to choose between a future on the streets or the sofa of an alcoholic, abusive “friend”. She was scared and in desperate need of support.  

“Alabaré have cared for me and that is the most important thing.  They’ve given me the support that I need and are helping me get my life together.”

Read Louise's full story


With encouragement from the Alabaré family (our specialist staff, dedicated volunteers and other residents) people like Louise can put their lives back together, overcome their past, escape the streets and look forward to the future.

Just £28 could provide a shared meal at an Alabaré Home. A meal is the first step on a journey of recovery. It could be a special lunch, a winter hot-pot or a summer barbecue.

£175 pays to support a vulnerable or homeless person like Louise for a day. It could mean the difference between sleeping on the streets and beginning a new life in one of our homes.

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