25th Anniversary

Alabaré was founded by Wiltshire based 'Alabaré Christian Community' and local husband and wife team; John and Alicia Proctor, who took in and supported one homeless man in their own Wilton home.

25 years later Alabaré has an annual turn over of £7million, 500 dedicated staff and services that include a state of the art Homeless Drop In Centre in the centre of Salisbury, accommodation and support for young people leaving care, a development centre for people with Learning Difficulties in Barford and Old Sarum and specialist homes across the South West of England and Wales for Veterans who struggle to adapt to life in the civilian world. 

Speaking about the landmark year Alabaré is celebrating John says,

"When we founded Alabaré all those years ago, we never dreamt that it would have expanded at such a rapid and successful rate. Now I'm proud to say that with the dedicated support of an incredible staff and an army of selfless volunteers, we consistently help 1000's of people every year. In 2014/15 alone we helped over 3,000 people to overcome challenge, crisis or social disadvantage, which, for a regional charity, is a staggering number."

The future of Alabaré

Alabaré has big plans for the future across a number of its services. 

Andrew Lord - Chief Executive of Alabaré,

"Over the coming year, we hope to expand our support to Veterans by increasing the capacity of our Homes for Veterans from 127 bed spaces to 200 bed spaces. We're also looking to increasing our Learning Disability services by expanding our Old Sarum & Development Centre to provide a customer café and an increased range of horticultural products."

Get involved!

Martin Field, Director of Fundraising at Alabaré explains why local support is so vital in ensuring Alabaré's growth and survival,

"One of the greatest challenges we face over the coming years is the uncertainty around funding from Government which makes it difficult for us to plan for our future and give those we help the assurance that we will be there when they need us."

The Big Sleep

Sleep under the stars at Salisbury Cathedral whilst helping to raise money for our local Drop In Centre - Alabaré Place.

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